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The Technical Writing includes all aspects of the technical writing project: production • technical writing • translation • graphics • proofreading printing - page size (8 1/2 x 11) • one to two columns • CD-ROM backup • time estimate (3 to 4 hours per average page) • actual time • materials • quality assurance.

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Quality Assurance (QA)

Validation - As per Mil-Spec
Verification - As per Mil-Spec

In order that all delivered products be assured a high level of customer confidence and to achieve high customer acceptance, it is EduSelf's policy to maintain a comprehensive QA. Over 20% of the companies resources are dedicated to QA activities, as required by Mil-Spec, ISO 9002, and other accepted standards of production quality assurance.

Seven specific QA checkpoints have been established along the work flow path.

1. After preparation of outline and work plan , to ensure compliance with military / commercial specifications
2. Prior to submission of sample
3. Upon preparation of first draft, by a senior technical writer
4. Before submission of first draft to the customer, to ensure incorporation of QA comments and remarks
5. Before submission of second final draft to the customer, for the completeness of content
6. After preparation of Camera Ready copy
7. After printing and binding / CDROM / DVD Preparation

Cost is a major issue for many businesses, especially for start-ups and small development shops. A practical alternative is to write the basic content yourself, then turn it over to us for organization, rewriting, formatting, editing, and publishing.

Contact us to see how we can meet the needs of your particular situation.

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