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Technical Writing


Technical Writing / Documentation / Web site Design & Illustration

EduSelf Multimedia & Tech Pubs specializes in the preparation and publication of technical manuals, technical documentation and translation for high-tech, commercial and industrial clients. EduSelf uses ISO 9002 as its working standard. Originally founded to develop, produce, and market interactive technical training and agricultural science courseware for high schools, colleges, and universities, EduSelf today provides complete technical publishing, making the company a one-stop shopping center for businesses that need technical documentation in English and other languages.

Our staff has experience producing Setup and Installation Instructions, Maintenance & Service Guides, Overhaul Manuals, Illustrated Parts Breakdowns, Disaster / Emergency Preparedness Manuals, Context-Sensitive Help (online/embedded), training material, Health, Safety & Environmental manuals (HSE), and total documentation program management.. We can deliver your products in Print, digital format, CD-ROM or web formats.

Our professional services include technical writing, illustration, drafting, graphic design (including animation and simulation), editorial and quality assurance, and localization (translation) program management for today's global, high- technology businesses in the aviation, IT, energy and medical fields.

The technical writing project starts from scratch with a visit by our technical writing team to the customer's plant. We collect data from interviews with the customer's engineers, engineering reports, and drafts. We then prepare an outline in conjunction with the customer's or end-user's specifications. The project is now ready for the next succession of steps: preparation of sample, preparation of the first draft, drawings and figures, technical quality assurance by another engineer, delivery of the first draft to the customer for his feedback, and implementation of the customer's feedback. After the last updates and changes - if any - are made, the final product is ready for delivery as hard copy or on digital media.

Mr Hallphone, the President, has over twenty eight years' experience with high tech government projects. During that time, we produced over 1.000,000 new pages.

Product List

Technical Writing
Operator's manual, user guides, flight Manuals
Maintenance manual - level A to depot level
Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB)
Interactive technical manual
HTML, SGML, Website Design
Programming and software

Technical Training
Instructor's manual
Trainee's manual
Wall charts
Interactive training on CD-ROM on on-line

We are professional writers and undertake many types of projects, both technical and otherwise. Our consultants have an average of more than 10 years experience in technical writing, documentation and translation. They are comfortable writing to a client's standards or following our own and / or Mil-Spec standards. We have the proven experience to rapidly develop highly usable and accessible information resources.

We're dedicated to meeting our customers where they need us. So, whether you want to completely outsource a large (or small) project, or you need short-term (or long-term) staff augmentation, we can help.

The tools our writers use include:
Microsoft Word