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Biology, Botany and Agriculture Science

1. Interactivity:
EduSelf developed its courseware with students in mind. The courseware enables students to work interactively with the computer, using routines that are user friendly and easy to learn. Students learn the material through a variety of activities such as simluations and animations. After each activity, students get appropriate feedback on their performance. To facilitate operation, each courseware module includes On-Line Help, with operating instructions on every screen. This courseware also includes tutorials in CD and text book form.

2. Modularity:
EduSelf divided the broad range of subject matter ecompassing its biology, botany, and agriculture courseware into BUILDING BLOCKS or modules. These modules contain bi-level formatting to accomodate differences, if any, between middle and high school students and between college and university students. Educators and distributors may purchase the full set of modules - about a dozen CDs with textbook - or they may combine several modules to design a course of study suited to their specific needs and areas of interest. The flexibility and adaptability of this modular system constitute additional advantages to all who use it.

3. Various End Users:
EduSelf designed its courseware with the understanding that study methods can vary considerably from one end user to another. The modular concept enables the instructor to tailor a course of study to the user's specific needs. This system introduces each subject in a way that enables the user to study in accordance with his personal background and fields of interest. Thus, the EduSelf Biology, Botany and Agriculture Courseware can meet the needs of a broad range of end users, including agricultural training centers, colleges, universities, high schools, experienced farmers, extension services, and supply and equipment vendors.

4. The Multimedia Educational Concept:
EduSelf developed its Biology, Botany and Agriculture Courseware for use with multimedia systems. The courseware incorporates text, narration, color graphics, animation, and music. It can simulate various types of biological processes and physical phenomena. As students advance through the subject matter, they interact with a number of lively images. Students can also control and alter processes to discover their underlying principles. Detailed illustrations and explanations complement the students' actions - transforming the learning experience into an individualized adventure. The computer, as a source of knowledge, enables students to learn at their own rate and at their own proficiency level. In addition, each courseware module incorporates relevant material from other well-known sources.

Courseware Syllabus:

Water and Plant Relationship (ES 001 AG)
This courseware module describes the role that water plays in plant life, particularly in cellular life processes and photosynthesis. Animations and simulations explain the mechanisms by which water is absorbed, transported, and lost by the plant.

Soil and Water Relationship (ES 002 AG)
This courseware module presents soil as a system of pores. The user gets a thorough explanation of the relationship of aggregates and pores containing air or water in various ratios. An animated experiment teaches a method of measuring soil wetness.
The module domonstrates the mechanisms of water retention and water movement in the soil
through interactive animations. Interactive exercises teach the establishment of soil
wetness and texture.

Plant Needs (ES 003 AG)

This courseware module begins with an explanation of the various environmental factors and nutrient types needed by a plant to enable normal development. Interactive simulation demonstrates the concept of LIMITING FACTOR.
Using a simulated biology laboratory, the module gives a demonstration of the sixteen
essential elements and nutrients, and their functions within the plant. Color pictures and
graphics show examples of essential nutrient deficiencies in plants .

Data Base and Glossary (ES 004 AG)
This biology, botany and agriculture courseware data base contains two textbooks on soils, fertilizers, several tables, and a glossary. The material's organization enables the user to simply and efficiently access the precise information he seeks.
The instructor can update the datbase to include specific details coherent with the user's

Introduction to Fertilization (ES 011 AG)
This courseware module presents conventional fertilization methods and their limitations.
This module also explores a modern method of fertilizing called fertigation, which works through the irrigation system. The subject matter includes a brief introduction to FERTIGATION, its nature, and the need for it.

Fertilizers (ES 012 AG)

This courseware module presents the characteristics of various fertilizers, the process by which plants absorb fertilizer, and the function of fertilizer in the plant's life processes.

How To Fertigate (ES 013 AG)

This courseware module presents the various considerations and rules for planning and implementing fertigation. This module also presents a practical operational guide to fertigation: equipment, installation, operation, maintenance and safety.

Fertilization (ES 014 AG)

This courseware module presents the considerations and rules to follow in planning
fertilization. In addition, this module explores the characteristics of conventional and modern fertilization methods, fertility evaluation, and considerations for selecting fertilizers.

Water Management (ES 021 AG)
This courseware module focuses on a set of practical instructions designed to enable optimal use of the irrigation system. The student learns to
examine the plant's water requirements, control crops' use of water, and determine when and how much to irrigate. An interactive exercise emphasizes the careful use of water drawn from existing sources as well as the use of recyclable water.

Irrigation Systems (ES 022 A)

This courseware module gives a thorough presentation of historical and current developments in the field of irrigation. The major types of irrigation systems (traditional furrow, sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, and drippers) are presented and evaluated in terms of both merits and limitations.

Better Plants & Gardens (ES 031 AG)
This courseware module presents a concise and accurate overview and summary of the main points of each of the subjects treated in EduSelf's
series of Biology, Botany and Agriculture courseware modules.

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